Office space of the highest quality

Trouble-free parking at Techtower Eindhoven

De ideale bedrijfsruimte bevindt zich in de Techtower Eindhoven

features number plate recognition

Op zoek naar kantoorruimte vlakbij Eindhoven Airport? Huur een verdieping bij Techtower Eindhoven

very high parking standards

De bedrijfsruimte van Techtower Eindhoven heeft een eigen, inpandige parkeergarage

exit passes for visitors

Easy parking thanks to Digital Smart Parking

Techtower Eindhoven works with Digital Smart Parking, a web-based program that uses number plate recognition. You submit employees' and visitors' registration plate numbers online, allowing them to drive into the garage and park without a pass. Because the system automatically calculates how many cars drive in and out per company, you can use more parking spaces than the number you have rented. 

Maak gebruik van de uitgebreide faciliteiten van vergaderlocatie Techtower Eindhoven

Parking in the Flight Forum Garage

Is Techtower Eindhoven's parking garage full? Then your employees and visitors will be directed to the adjacent Flight Forum Garage, where they may continue driving as far as the connection with Techtower Eindhoven. The Flight Forum Garage also employs Digital Smart Parking.

You have the option of taking out a subscription for your employees. Multiple passes are issued per subscription. The Flight Forum Garage also offers short term paid parking. To take advantage of this service, you must order exit passes for your visitors from the landlord.

Techtower Eindhoven biedt huurders van kantoorruimte de mogelijkheid tot turnkey-oplevering